Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gurkha Cellar Reserve
Size: 4.0 x 58 (Perfecto)
Tobacco: Dominican
Price: $11.95

A few months ago, I struck up a conversation with a man named Clint watching the SEC basketball tourney at a local sports bar. He tried to sell me on the merits of Gurkha cigars, a brand I've enjoyed in the past but have usually found to be inconsistent. Clint gifted me a beautiful, dark perfecto with a pigtail cap I had never heard of--the Gurkha Celler Reserve. He said it was one of the top of their line.

According to Gurkha's homepage, the 15 on the band is describing the aged 15 year old vintage Dominican tobacco used in the filler. The wrapper is a 14-year old 1998 criollo wrapper. The cigar is advertised as medium-to-full strength.

The cigar had a light, grassy pre-light aroma, and upon lighting I was initially disappointed the flavor tended more toward mild/medium than full. There were earthy wood notes, very little spice.

But after smoking for some time, this cigar grew on me. It burned very slow (well over two hours) and cool. Even though it was mild, flavors were strong and it turned out to be one of the most relaxing and soothing cigars I've encountered. Perfectly complimented a glass of Islay single month. I would definitely try again.

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