Tuesday, August 17, 2010

La Flor de Murias Epicure
Size: 5.5 x 50
Tobacco: Dominican, Mexican (shade-grown USA Connecticut wrapper)
Price: $2.10

The full name of this cigar is La Flor de Jose Suarez Murias y Ca. The inscription on the band comes from the original verbiage that was on the Cuban cigar of the same name. It reads Tabacos Superiores de las Mejores Vegas de Vuelta-Abajo Hechos Espresamente Para Personas de Gusto. Translation: Superior tobacco from the Vuelta-Abajo plantation for people of taste.
(Vuelta-Abajo is commonly considered to the world's best tobacco-growing region. It is 100,000 acres of land in west Cuba, in the province of Pinar del Rio).

I purchased a box of these cigars in March 2009, mainly because it has the best-looking cigar art I've ever seen. Plus, they were affordable at JR Cigars, and I figured I needed at least one superb mild cigar on hand, even though my tastes normally run towards something stronger.

With almost 17 months of age, I decided to smoke five this week--three while swimming with the family in Memphis; one while reading on a pond in Myrtle Beach, SC; and the final one on Dauphin Island beach in Mobile, AL.

This cigar is very mild, creamy with the just faintest bite. The construction is excellent: left completely untended, this cigar can hold its fire for at least 15 minutes. All five cigars were very relaxing. The wrapper is smooth, camel-brown and burns with an even line of black mascara at the foot and a salt-and-pepper ash.

This is a great mid-day cigar, at a fantastic price, and I am very said to learn that JR Cigars has decided to discontinue the line. Whiteash still has some in inventory, but it appears nobody else will sell them anymore.

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