Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Vegas Triple-A
Size: 5 x 56
Tobacco: Nicaraguan, with a Broadleaf maduro wrapper
Price: $5.60

Thanks to CigarsDirect, who sent me this cigar to review. The Triple-A is a new extension of the 5 Vegas Series 'A' line, featuring a new blend and size (note the jaw-breaking ring gauge). It sports the traditional Series 'A' band on its head, while there is a foot band with the AAA moniker.

I reviewed 5 Vegas Series 'A' in 2006 and at the time gave it a mediocre review. Back then, I did not understand the importance of aging cigars in my humidor--especially maduros--and usually smoked them too young. This cigar got several months of rest and fared better. I enjoyed it two nights ago, while my wife swam laps and I just floated on an inner tube in the deep end.

The Triple-A had a rich, pungent, sweet aroma while the flavor was noticeably mellow. I was tempted to identify chocolate flavors, but it would be more accurately described as black coffee. There was a faint chemical taste that I didn't like, which I find to be true of most maduros except Padron, LGC Serie "R", and OWR. The cigar lasted about 75 minutes.

Update Feb 2014:  I had another 5 Vegas Triple-A recently, hanging out and watching movies in Shaun's garage (or maybe it was Steve's garage that night, they all run together).  It's been cold this winter, and that's the only time I really crave a maduro cigar. This cigar was well-aged.  It didn't have any "faint chemical" tastes, nor did it taste young.  It was very enjoyable, very well-made, with the same pungent aroma and subtle coffee flavors.

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