Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am catching up with my cigar reviews. This morning, I reflect on a pair of $1 "bargain" sticks from that I plan to avoid in the future.

Bucanero Red Toro
Size: 6 x 50
Tobacco: Unsure
Price: approx. $1

It has been a while since I finished a 5-pack of these cigars from Bucanero is a boutique brand founded during the mid-1990's cigar boom, and it has received high ratings for some of its 18 blends.

But not this one. This was a mild bundle cigar sold exclusively at CigarsInternational and its subsidiaries. I had one that was good, with some oily, tangy flavors, but the others were bland and boring.

The line has been discontinued now, for good reason.

Calle Ocho Toro
Size: 6.5 x 52
Tobacco: Nicaraguan puro, with Sumatran wrapper
Price: $2

I took a chance on this bundle and was disappionted. This Nicaraguan puro was supposed to be medium-bodied with an "earthy profile complemented by a natural sweetness". So far, all the ones I've tried have just tasted like mild, cheap tobacco.

I'm thiking about removing the bands, aging them for five years, then trying them in a blind taste test in 2015.

Update 5/21/14:  I never did try these Calle Ocho cigars in a blind taste test, but I did smoke one from the Lost Sticks Tray with 4 years, 9 months age on it. Aging this puro did it a lot of good.  It was now a medium bodied smoke (although still on the mild side of the spectrum) with a hint of pepper spice on the finish.  It paired well with Auchentoshan 12-year malt while finishing Last of the Mohicans on a warm, windy Monday night. Don't get me wrong: This is still not a great cigar, but it was worlds better after five years' aging than it was after only a year in my humidor.

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