Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Edge Counterfeits
Size: 6.0 x 52
Tobacco: ??
Price: $3.50

I bought a box of Edge Counterfeit Corojos on Cigarbid ($43 for a box of 20). The Edge Counterfeit is made by Rocky Patel, just like the regular Edge. "Counterfeit" Edge is made in Rocky's Nicaraguan factory; "real" Edge is made in Rocky's Honduran factory. According to Cigars International, both cigars employ the exact same multinational blend of tobacco. The Counterfeits are not exactly seconds; Rocky just got fed up with competitors mimicking his cigars, so he decided to beat them to the punch and mimic it himself.

Um, ok, whatever... sounds like Rocky just found a clever way to sell the same product to different customers at different price points. The Counterfeits are not usually sold in B&M stores, only by online discount retailers.

I've smoked 5 or 6 cigars from the box and so far I've noticed a lot of variability from stick to stick. Some of them have tasted identical to the "real" Edges I tried in Columbia a few months ago. A few others, while still good, have lacked that distinctive, spicy kick.

Still, for the price, you can't beat this cigar. One of my all-time Top 5.

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