Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CAO Black 'VR'
Size: 6.0 x 50 ("Moby")
Filler: Nicaragua, Mexico
Wrapper: Brazillian
Price: $5.30

I enjoyed this cigar as I fried my Thanksgiving turkey and sipped on a glass of Blanton's bourbon. (OK, I won't lie. Shaun did most of the frying, and I did most of the drinking.)

This cigar tasted nothing like the spicy CAO Black, which I gave a noteworthy review a few months ago. Instead, this jet-black maduro stogie had heavy, very coffee-like notes with a long finish. Flawless, slow burn. Even though my tastes have recently gravitated away from maduros, towards spicy cigars with corojo or natural wrappers, I must say this was a very good experience.

My only regret is that, since this would be a great cigar after a heavy meal, I should have waited until after the turkey to light up.

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