Thursday, September 13, 2007

Peterson Gran Reserva
Size: 6.1 x 52 (Bellicoso/Torpedo)
Tobacco: Nicaragua, Honduras
Price: $2.60

This cigar, which is rolled in the same Honduran factory as Saint Luis Rey, has an interesting story. Peterson is a well-established, respected pipe manufacturer, and they contracted with Ashton Cigars to produce a line of high-quality, long-filler handmade cigars under the Peterson brand name. The cigars were introduced in late 2004 and received a lot of acclaim, including a #16 ranking in Cigar Aficionado's Top 50 Cigars in the World, and a 91 rating by Cigar Insider. Unfortunately, sales never caught on, and the line has now been discontinued. I bought a box of these $7 smokes for around $2 each (after shipping).

Peterson Gran Reserva has a Cameroon wrapper, and (as usually happens to me) I've already ruined one cigar because cammies are just too dang fragile. They split and tear at the slightest disturbance.

Other than that one complaint, this cigar has been a winner for me. It has a medium-body with an easy, but perhaps a tad weak, draw. The aroma is very nice, reminiscent of some good pipe tobaccos, in fact. The taste is very oily and slippery (if that makes sense) with a hint of bitterness or tartness that makes it very memorable. I have enjoyed several of these treats while sailboating on Lake Sardis, MS on hot summer afternoons.

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