Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some miscellaneous reviews:

(1) Partagas Black

A $6 turd of a cigar. This one was packed so tight it was almost unsmokeable. And where was the famous Partagas flavor? Not nearly as complex as a JR Ultimate.

(2) JR Alternative – Montecristo #1

The same cigar as the Alternative Montecristo #2; just as good, only smaller.

(3) Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona

This cigar started so wonderful. Smooth, strong, yet subtle... I had just lit this prize and was preparing to deal the first hand of Texas Hold 'Em, when a soured waitress made her rounds telling all smokers that cigars were not allowed in the main room of Fox 'N Hound. Of course, the three cigarette smokers at my table were welcome to continue killing us all with their secondhand Marlboro stench.

By the time the game was over and I re-lit this beauty, it had dried out, gone stale, and turned bitter. Never before have I mourned the loss of a stogie like this one...

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