Sunday, June 19, 2005

OK, first the bad news:

JR Cigars has increased the price of a bundle of JR Alternatives by $5. So now, with shipping, the JR Montecristo #2 costs me $1.45 and the JR Punch Double Corona is $1.35. Still small potatoes compared to retail prices, but with a baby on the way and Michelle's impending unemployment, I'm pinching pennies like never before.

Now, the good news: I bought a bundle of 25 Consuegras, which are very high quality seconds from the makers of Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur, El Rey del Mundo, and JR Ultimates.

Mild, almost to the point of blandness sometimes, but they smoke very cool and very long. I did notice some variability; that some cigars were smokier than others, and some more flavorful.

At this price, they are probably one of the best cigar bargains on the market.

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