Saturday, June 18, 2005

I've fallen behind on my reviews, so here goes:

Brand: Partages Series D, No. 4 (Habana)
Size: 4.875" x 50
Price: $7 - $25 (illegal)

Dave Rassmussin, a fellow Texas Hold ‘Em player, gave me one of his smuggled Cuban PSD4’s to try, as I won $25 from him in a home game. Like most of the other cubans I’ve tried, this one was exemplary in its smooth taste, and its slow cool burn. My only complaint is that it was very bland, when I had heard that Partagas had strong flavor.

Brand: Flor de Oliva
Size: 6" by 48
Price: $2

This one was recommended by a man I met at Willie Moffat’s one night. I bought two of them the next day at The Tobacco Shop. For $2, I thought they might be worth it, but I was disappointed. Both of them were constructed very loosely, so it felt like sucking on an exhaust pipe. Tasted like one, too.

Brand: Punch London Club
Size: 5" x 40
Price: $1.20

Finally, I found the right size for my "halftime cigar". This Punch is certainly better than the Royal Jamaican Gaucho. Even though they are hotter than larger cigars, the small ring size gives it a tight draw, making it ideal for times when you want the taste of a cigar, without all the smoke -- such as when trimming the bushes or mowing the backyard.

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