Monday, June 13, 2005

cigar: Garcia Vega
size: corona
price: $3.99

Well, I came to Atlanta for a Reliability strategy meeting and forgot to bring any cigars from my humidor. So, I decided to buy a Garcia Vega from the gift shop. This is a well known machine made brand, sold at drugstores next to Black and Milds and Philly Sweets. But at least these were sold in individual tubes, to keep them fresh. How bad could it be?

Answer: Not very good but I'll admit they could have been worse (they were actually better than the handmade Flora de Oliva's that I bought at the Tobacco Shop for $2).

But I smoked it with a Glennfiddich and talked SAP-PM with Bobby from the Riegelwood mill. So, all in all, the evening was still good.

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