Wednesday, July 23, 2014

LegendArio Toro
Size: 6.0 x 50
Tobacco: Honduran puro
Price: $6.48

This is a lower-end budget cigar by Camacho.  I have no idea where or when I got this, but it has been in my humidor since 2012 at least.  I have been studiously avoiding it because it is such an unnatural shade of pitch black I assume it must be dyed maduro. Earlier this week, I finally put it out of its misery, smoking it on the pool deck sans alcohol or drink of any kind.

The wrapper was brittle to the touch and cracked easily.  It had a promising earthy prelight aroma, but it turned out to be extremely bland.  It was so mild and bland I had trouble identifying any flavors at all.  Draw was loose, but I couldn’t classify it as either “creamy” or “smooth”.  I considered pitching it several times, just out of boredom, but I stayed with it until the end. 

Mostly it was just utterly forgettable. 

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