Friday, June 15, 2012

A. J. Fernandez Signature Salomon Size: 7 x 56 Tobacco: Unknown Price: $4 I bought this box of cigars 13 months ago from Cigars International, but it has now apparently been discontinued. I can't find it for sale at any internet retailer, and it is not listed on the AJ Fernandez web site. Apparently, he created a new line in July 2011--San Lotano--and it has replaced the former brands with his name on them. It's too bad, because this has been a great box of cigars. They have a grassy, earthy prelight aroma that indicates a medium bodied smoke. The sumatra wrapper is dark and uniform in color. Some of them have lots of visible tooth, and those invariably turn out to be the better cigars. Upon lighting the nippled foot, you experience a rather quick burning cigar with plenty of flavor. It's starts off rather simply--medium body, hints of grass and wood. When you hit the 1/3 mark, you begin to pick up a denser, richer taste with a little bit of spice, slightly reminiscent of the Don Kiki Brown without the burn problems. The toothier cigars then crescendo with a chewy doughy flavor, similar to the Perdomo Fresh-Rolled rosados I used to like. These are cool, relaxing, long-burning cigars that rarely have burn problems and can keep their flame even when set aside for 10 minutes or longer. Highly recommended, if you can find them.

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