Thursday, July 14, 2011

CI Legends by Graycliff (Purple Label)
*updated opinions*

Size: 5.7" by 54
Tobacco: Dominican, Nicaragua, Brazil, Indonesian wrapper
Price: $3.50

In May 2008, I reviewed this cigar on the basis of a several sticks loaned from a friend. I was impressed, but it took me a full year to purchase a box of my own. I aged it 20 months, then carried them down to Jamaica on vacation this year. I finished the box last night, and thought it might be fun to revisit my initial impressions.

Here’s what I wrote in 2008:

I had a Legends Purple (Graycliff). Tasted very similar to the Profesionale: yummy. good draw, no burn problems, medium body, lots of spice.

For two years, as my box of Graycliff Legends aged, I eagerly anticipated returning to that spicy Graycliff taste. Maybe absence distorted my memory, or maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled on Pepins and Sol Cubano, but these new Graycliffs didn’t measure up. They never even got close. I found these aged cigars to feature lots of earth-and-wood flavors, still medium in body, but completely lacking the boldness and spiciness I remembered.

I thought the cigar was soft in spots, and I noticed some very small leaves near the cap when I clipped it. Made me think this might be a sandwich cigar, not long filler.

Age helped with this problem. I noticed softness on the head of the cigar at times, and in general it did not seem to be rolled as tight as other brands, but construction and burn were almost always flawless. Typical smoking time: 90-120 minutes.

My only complaint in this area was poorly applied bands. I think every single wrapper tore when I removed the band.

To sum, I was bitterly disappointed these cigars weren’t as good as I remembered. I’d rate them as very average.

Update 5/12/2014: I smoked the last of my Legends Graycliff two nights ago.  4 years, 9 months of aging didn't do much to change this cigar.  Still medium body with prominent earth-and-wood flavors.  This most recent smoke featured a fair amount of spice, not as much as the ones I smoked in 2008,  but more than I indicated in my updated 2011 review.  Still, not a cigar I would purchase again.

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