Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Padilla Hybrid Robusto (updated opinions)
Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuador (hybrid of a cuban-seed and a Connecticut seed)
Filler: Nicaragua, DR, Peru
Price: $3.50

In August 2008, I reviewed this cigar on the basis of a single stick from a sampler pack. I purchased a box of 20 robustos for $40 in Feb 2009, aged it nearly two years. I have almost finished the box and thought it might be fun to revisit my initial impressions.

As I write this, I am smoking a Padilla Hybrid by the pool, at 10:30 at night, paired with Jack Daniels over melted ice.

So, what did I say in 2008?

It had a light-brown wrapper with a faint,tart pre-light flavor. I couldn't tell if the tartness was just a property of this unique wrapper, or an indication of a young cigar with too much ammonia.

After 24 months, the tart pre-light flavor is still presence. It is certainly not an indication of youth.

But it burned very well for the better part of an hour, and held a terrific ash.

I must have just gotten lucky with my first Padilla Hybrid. In fact, my biggest complaint about these cigars is how fast they have burned. Would be a better cigar in a longer size. Ash is usually very flaky.

Paired with a lager, but I think it would go better with a single malt. I think with some aging this could be an excellent everyday cigar that would also hold up well on special occasions.

"Excellent" may be stretching it a bit. But it does have a unique flavor -- crisp, precise, almost tangy, with a subtle faint lemony nose and no aftertaste.

Update May 5, 2014:  Two nights ago I pulled out the last Padilla Hybrid robusto from my Lost Sticks Tray.  It had 5 years, 3 months age on it.  The pre-light aroma was delicate and woodsy.  Paired with Glenlivet.  It tasted much the same as I remember, although the extra years seemed to have mellowed it somewhat.  More mild than medium this time around, with that same soft tartness in the flavor. The ash was not flaky, nor did the cigar burn too quickly or too hot.  Enjoyable indeed.

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