Friday, October 22, 2010

A few quick reviews from my trip to Columbia, SC, where Alabama's dream run at a repeat National Championship was crushed by a very physical South Caroline Gamecock team.

The game was bad, but the tailgating and cigars were still a lot of fun. I only wish I had paid more attention (and perhaps drank a little less) so I could give these stogies proper reviews.

1. Quesada Tributo

This is a new cigar from MATASA, made with a hybrid Ecuadorian wrapper bred from four different strains of tobacco leaf. It got a 4* review of It was a very solid medium-bodied cigar, with great construction, but it was not the powerful full-bodied beast I was expecting. I had paired it with an acidic stout, which unfortunately overwhelmed the cigar a bit. In the end, I'd give this one another try, but was somewhat underwhelmed.

2. LFD Double Ligero Chisel
Size: 6 x 54
Tobacco: Dominican, with sun-grown Ecuador wrapper
Price: $7

I've reviewed this line before, so I'll keep this short except to say this was the powerhouse I was waiting for. The chisel head was a nice novelty, and my feelings alternated between enjoyment and annoyance. Unfortunately, that acidic stout I was still drinking gave this cigar an odd aftertaste, like soap. It was actually a good bear, and still a great cigar, but they didn't complement each other. At all.

Perdomo Lot 23

The first Perdomo that I didn't like. I lit it up in the morning, as Shaun and I unpacked the tailgating supplies, paired with some Lord Chesterfield Ale. This was a very blah cigar, with burn problems and a bitter aftertaste. Highly disappointing, especially considering my love of all things Perdomo.

I followed it up with La Herencia Cubana (a definite improvement) and then after the game with a Gurkha Master Select (still an exquisite experience).

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