Friday, October 23, 2009

(This review was written on Sept. 16, 2009)

Medina 1959 Miami Edition Torpedo
Size: 6.5 x 52
Tobacco: Nicaragua
Price: $9

I bumped into a Cuban Crafters sales rep while on vacation in Gulf Shores and, inspired by that conversation, decided to splurge on one of their higher-priced offerings. Medina 1959 are hand-rolled at the Cuban Crafters Miami factory by their namesake, Manuel Medina, and his young protégé Oscar Medoza.

According to Cuban Crafters’ website, the cigar is “filled with delightful tastes of toasted nuts, mild spices and smooth waves of butterscotch with sweet malt cream”

Well, I lit this up two weeks later, during the long drive from Pine Hill, AL back to Memphis, TN. I didn’t get any of the butterscotch or sweet malt cream. This was a very mild cigar with nutty flavors, similar to a Gran Habano #1 or 5 Vegas Gold, with an oddly distinct taste of corn puff cereal. It burned straight with a thick line of black mascara and a gray ash. It smoked for about 90 minutes.

Relaxing, enjoyable, yes… but certainly nothing remarkable to justify its reputation. I would prefer any of their lower-priced Don Kiki lines instead.

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