Monday, June 09, 2008

Olor del Cibao
Size: 7 x 48
Tobacco: Dominican Republic (puro)
Price: $4 (US), $2 (in DR)

Anthony gave me an Olor Del Cibao cigar on his sailboat yesterday, that he brought back from his vacation to the DR. This cigar wins the award for the nastiest, messiest canoe I have ever seen. Despite a relative calm wind, the flame on this cigar burned through the top half of the tobacco wrapper like an out of control California wildfire, but the bottom half wouldn't catch at all despite several attempts with my lighter. The canoe trench snaked half-way around the circumference of the cigar for a good two inches, even after I tried to clip and relight. Finally, I got it straightened out, well past the half way mark, and salvaged what I could as the sun set on Lake Sardis, MS.

As for its other characteristics, the cigar sported a grayish-brown wrapper with lots (and I mean lots) of veins. There were a few minor tears and cracks near the foot. It had a mild, somewhat nondescript taste with hints of grass. The draw was tight, due to the aforementioned canoe.

These cigars are only available in the U.S. through The cigars sold in the U.S. have a black band, whereas the one I smoked had a red band. Also, the American verions of the Churchill seems to have a slightly larger ring guage.

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