Wednesday, January 31, 2007

State of the Humidor - Jan 2007

I've been reviewing cigars for four years now, and since the last few months have been a transition period for my humidor, and I thought I would post some random thoughts:

  • Here's my list of new cigars to try in 2007: Rocky Patel Vintage, Fuente Hemingway, Fuente Short Story, Sancho Panza Quixote, Don Kiki Red Label (the original 5 Vegas blend, before the brand was sold to the La Aurora factory)
  • I wish I was keeping up with how often I smoke cigars, because I suspect I'm up to an average of 3/week. How much is dangerous to my health? It hasn’t helped that cigars have become a cornerstone of my frendships with Anthony and Shaun.
  • I've now smoked all the cigars from my initial JR / CigarBid frenzy in early 2006, plus a lot of singles that were gifted to me.
  • Here is a list of the brands that are now gone, but I may purchase again in the future: Legends White Label, JR Limitada Edicion Alternative - Montecristo Edmundo, Black Pearl Cobre, Black Pearl Rojo, JR Alternative Excalibur, Indian Tabac Super Fuerte, 5 Vegas (all lines!), Fire, Padilla Special Edition Cedro, Gurkha Master Select, San Luis Rey Reserva Especial, Comacho Coyalar, HdM Excalibur, Fuente Gran Reserva, Padron 1926, Don Kiki Green Label, La Gloria Cubana Serie R, Padron 2000, CAO Brazilia
  • These are the brands that are gone, never to return: CAO Cameroon, Indios Puros Nacionales, RP Vintage Euro, Indian Tabac Limited Reserve, Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend, JR Alternative Perdomo, JR Alternative Cohiba, JR Alternative Fuente, El Credito, Quorum, CAO CX2, Socorro, Montesino, Gurkha Class Regent, Gurkha Expedition, JR Alternative Ashton, Carlos Torano Signature, Royal Jamaica Gold, Royal Jamaica Gaucho, Mister B's
  • I recently had to replace all the humidifying sponges in my humidor, after I noticed all the cigars were drying out. I bought two new devices, plus a small crystal pack for the travel humidor. Also, I got a new digital hygrometer from Radio Shack (unfortunately, there were out of the wireless ones!)
  • Here is a list of what is in my humidor right now: Singles: Old Fashioned #550, Fuente Cuban Corona. 10 packs: JR Ultimates, Excalibur No. 1, Fire Double Corona, 5 Vegas Gold Double Corona, 5 Vegas Series 'A'

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