Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Natural Egg by Drew Estate
Size 6" by 42/70/42
Country: Nicaragua
Shape: Perfecto (sort of... see picture)
Price: $10

Shaun brought me an "Egg" to smoke while tailgating at the 2006 Liberty Bowl in Memphis (South Carolina vs Houston). It was consumed immediately following an excellent meal of shish kabobs, venison tenderloin, and Kirin beer, all grilled in the parking lot under the stadium.

I cannot adequately describe this cigar without a picture, so I found this on the Drew Estate website:

My Egg had a slightly harsh taste to it, although I couldn't tell if it was due to low quality tobacco or if it was just too "wet" when I smoked it. Regardless, the novelty of this cigar is not so much in its taste, but in the looks we kept getting from other people as they passed by. It took no small amount of skill to keep it evenly lit as it progressed from a cool, weak draw at one end; then to an overpowering smoke machine at the bulb's thickest point; and finally back into a small hot firecracker at the near end of the bulb. Shaun had to attempt multiple re-lights on his Egg, but I was able to get through mine with just one small touch-up.

I have read some reviews of this cigar on the internet that panned it vehemently for its quality, taste, construction, etc. But, c'mon folks, that's like criticizing a James Bond movie for being unrealistic... some things just need to be accepted for what they are. & this cigar succeeds at what it wants to do: it causes people to stare and ask "What the heck are you smoking?"

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