Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente
Size: 4.5 x 50
Filler: DR
Price: $4

Laura gifted me this cigar as part of my birthday present. I smoked it with Dexter Muller and Shaun Brannen around the fire pit at Shaun's birthday party, discussing casino poker and the general crime level associated with Memphis strip clubs. (Ok - I should explain that last bit. Dexter works for the city council and knew all the details about the recent FBI sting operation at the Platinum Plus Club near where I work)

The cigar was a short robusto with a light brown wrapper wrapped in a cedar sleeve. The wrapper was in good condition, although I noticed a few splits near the cap caused most likely because the tobacconist was storing it in a too-humid environment. Otherwise, the cigar was in perfect condition and had a soft, sweet pre-light aroma.

The Chateau had a smooth, light-to-medium wood flavor. Taste, burn, and draw were consistent throughout.

Fuentes are always enjoyable to me, since I rarely spring the cash for them (they are never sold at discount, not even through internet retailers). Although some of the lower-end sticks (Curly Head, Breva Royale, Montesino) haven't impressed me, the 'Gran Reserva' line (green label) seem to always be good quality tobacco and construction.

I have never tried the Hemingway line or the Anejo, but I hear they are even better.

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