Sunday, March 05, 2006

This week was characterized by lots of driving with cigars:

(1) Padron Londres (Revisited).

I reviewed my first Londres in 2003, and I haven't had one since. But these are excellent driving-around-town smokes. They added color to two otherwise dull trips to grocery stores and ATM machines. I don't often smoke Padrons because I think they're usually a tad overpriced (this stick is barely larger than a Punch London Club and costs $2.50), but there's something very unique about their taste. I really like it.

(2) Legends - White Label Comacho.

OK, I've reviewed these before, but I just want to add they're perfect when driving four hours in the Geo Tracker, with the convertible top down on the interstate to Prattville. Times like that are not meant for savoring subtle aromas and textures; you need a cigar that's gonna kick you in the seat of your pants.

(3) Black Pearl.

A little sugar, a little spice.

(4) CAO Cameroon Robusto.

The more I smoke them, the more I dislike them. Great construction, but the taste doesn't do anything for me.

And now a brand new review...

Indos Purios Nacionales
Size: 6.5" x 43
Filler: Honduras
MSRP: $3

Puros Indios is the flagship line of Rolando Reyes, Sr , a widely regarded cigar blender who was trained in Cuba. Puros Indios are handmade in Danli, Honduras with Cuban-seed fillers. This blend has received scores up to ’90’ by Cigar Aficionado.

This was my first Puros Indios cigar, which I got as part of a Cbid sampler, for about $1.70 each. They had a very smooth, medium-bodied flavor, but I don't think I'll buy anymore Nacionales. I don't like the shape. They are too narrow (43 ring guage) for their length (6.5"), which gives a very tight draw. The first one I smoked had a bad tendency to canoe on me, although I had no problems with the second.

I did like the flavor, though, so I might try another size or even the Rolys (Puros Indios segundos) in the future.

(postscript 04-05-06: I must add that, in the absence of any Punch London Clubs, these Nacionales do make a decent yardwork cigar. I like the tight draw when I'm working.)

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