Monday, November 30, 2015

I am in mourning tonight.  It is time to replenish my aging humidor with a few new boxes. I was all set to order two boxes of 5 Vegas High Primings, my absolute favorite "budget" cigar, only to discover the line has been discontinued. Just my luck!

On to tonight's review....

Te Amo World Selection Series Cuban Style
Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Central America (criollo)
Binder San Andres, Mexico criollo
Filler: Central American criollo
Price: $5.13

So, this purchase was just an out-and-out mistake on my part.  I have always heard about Te-Amo being made from Mexican tobacco.  I periodically come across articles that talk about how Mexican cigars are cheap and widely disdained, but in reality Te Amo cigars are actually pretty good.  They have a loyal, almost cult following among cigar smokers. I bought this box thinking I would like to try them for myself.

I should have read this fine print.  The World Selection Series was an attempt to showcase the craftsmanship of Te Amo using tobacco from more traditional countries like Honduras and Nicaragua. These cigars were rolled in Mexico, but only the binders are actually Mexican tobacco.

There was a Honduran cigar, a Nicaraguan cigar, a Dominican cigar, and a "Cuban Style" cigar made from unnamed Central American tobaccos.

2 or 3 cigars from this box were very good, with a unique pre-light bouquet (almost sweet) and a nutty medium-bodied taste.   Most of them suffered from an extremely tight draw and dead, soft spots near the head.  One cigar had a putrid aroma that I could not explain (my friends did not actually realize it was my cigar, and they spent a half hour searching their garage to find out what small furry animal had died!).

Would not try again.

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