Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rocky Patel Prohibition
Size: 6.2 x 52 (toro)
Binder/Filler: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico (natural), Connecticut Broadleaf (maduro)
Price: $9

Burning Desires cigar lounge in Lakeland, TN hosted a Rocky Patel event a few weeks ago to celebrate the launch of this new cigar.  I was not able to attend the festivities, but I did find 10 minutes to drop in, talk to Nimish (Rocky’s cousin?), and purchase some of these new cigars for myself, Steve, and Shaun. 

With the name “Prohibition,” Rocky is trying to send a message:  just as the federal government’s ban on alcohol during Prohibition was a complete failure, the FDA’s attack on premium cigars will have a similar outcome.  Cleverly, the cigars are shipped in glass jars reminiscent of moonshine bootleggers.

I was a big fan of the natural cigars, with a spicy San Andreas wrapper from Mexico.  Slow-burning, full-bodied and spicy on the tongue.  They paired well two weeks in a row with Willet’s rye whiskey and Belle Meade bourbon.

I smoked the maduro last Saturday.  It was the warmest day in the past 3 months (50 degrees), but still chillier than I would have liked. The wrapper was covered with tooth from head to toe, and had a very appealing pungent prelight aroma.  However, it turned out to be less spicy and too coffee-like.  Like most rocky Patels (Edge, Vintage, etc.), the maduros just seem to lack spice, complexity, and flavor.  They are strong but usually one-dimensional and boring. Definitely a step down from the natural.

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