Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pinar del Rio Small Batch Black Corojo Torpedo
Size: 6.5 x 52
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Dominican Corojo and Dominican Criollo 98
Price: $8

I took a gamble on these cigars because I love the Sun Grown Habano so much-- and the Classico and Oscuro weren't bad either!  Of course, I probably should have heeded my own oft-used advice: beware small batch cigars and liquors; if it was really any good, they'd make more of them.

The cigar is loosely rolled, very light and airy in the hand, although it doesn't burn as fast as you might expect.  Medium to full, but with a slightly acidic taste.  These were over a year old, so age wasn't the problem.  Just a decent but not great taste...

I smoked the first one during 2014 SEC Championship Game (which Bama won 42-13. Roll Tide!)
Unfortunately, I smoked the second one during the Sugar Bowl, when Bama was ousted from the playoffs by Ohio State.

Subsequent cigars over a three month period have reinforced my first impressions.  The best corojo cigars have a unique sweet and tangy taste; the worst taste like soap. This one falls in the middle of that spectrum; the flavors are thin, vaguely bitter, and acidic.  This is not a PdR brand I would try again.

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