Monday, June 16, 2014

5 Vegas High Primings
Tobacco: Nicaragua/Dominican Republic
Size: Multiple
Price:  Varies

I have already finished a sampler of 5 Vegas High Priming cigars in the following sizes:

  •          Robusto (5 x 50)
  •          Box Press (5.5 x 55)
  •          Double Corona (6 x 48)
  •          Torpedo (6 x 54)
  •         Churchill (7 x 52)

This is the same blend as the medium-bodied "classic"  5 Vegas blend.  The High Priming designation refers to the fact the filler is composed of foliage higher up on the same tobacco plants, leaves exposed to more sunlight so they become thicker, darker, and stronger.  The other difference between the two cigars is a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper instead of a Sumatra leaf. 

These cigars are rolled loosely, so they burn quick but never hot.  They have a light, airy draw.  The core is still a creamy, smooth medium-to-full body, but now there is a lean, spicy pepper flavor and a nasally hot finish.  This cigar pairs better with a smooth bourbon or a smoky scotch. 

I liked them so much, I put a box of High Priming Double Coronas back for a year of aging.  Along with PdR Habano Sun Grown, this has become one of my staple brands, meaning I want to always keep one box for aging and another (already aged) in the ready-to-burn humidor.   (Part of me wants to add Omar Ortez, Flor de A. Allones, and E.P. Carillo to this category, but then I wouldn't have very much aging capacity for new brands and blends.)  

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