Wednesday, May 01, 2013

La Traviata by CAO
Size: Double Corona 7.0 x 52
Tobacco:  Ecuador (Wrapper), Africa-Cameroon (Binder), Dominican/Nicaragua (Filler)
Price: $8

This is a beautiful cigar with a deep, oily wrapper that screamed "Buy Me!" last time I was in the Tinder Box.  I've tried both the natural and the maduro.  Construction is flawless, with an average burn (about an hour and a half).  This is by any standard a decent premium cigar.  

Billed as full-flavored, but I found it to be an underwhelming medium in body and strength; not even medium-full, but very middle of the road in all aspects. 

Overall verdict:  It's a relaxing cigar, but lacks punch.  Doesn't justify the price tag.

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