Wednesday, December 21, 2011

State of the Humidor - Jan 1, 2012

New cigars to try in 2011: Tampa Sweetheart #85 (second to Fuente 8-5-8), Joya de Nicaragua Fuerte (Yes, these were the same two cigars I listed last year. I am aging a bundle of JdN Fuerte and I plan to finally get around to the Tampa Sweethearts in 2012).

Last cigar of 2011: Padron Churchill
First cigar of 2012: Padron Churchill

Best cigar of 2011: El Titan de Bronze Redemption Sun Grown Habano
Best (new) cigar of 2011: JR Alternative to Rocky Patel Edge
Worst (new) cigar of 2011: Fire Maduro by Rocky Patel

New cigars I tried in 2011, that I would purchase again in the future: Flor de Baloney (HdM seconds), 5 Vegas Miami, Royal Nighis, Partagas Diciembre, JR Alt-Rocky Patel Edge, La Gloria Cubana, Don Kiki Brown Label, Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, Bahia Blue, Leon Jimines, Rocky Patel Corojo Especial, Don Diego Aniversario

New cigars I tried in 2011, that I would not purchase again: JR Alt-La Gloria Cubana, El Mejor Espresso, Montecristo Media Noche, Fire Maduro by Rocky Patel

I'm still working towards my goal to reduce capacity to 2 humidors--a large one for aging and another for current smokes. I got there briefly, but then floated back to 3 humidors to make room for a box of Cupido Criollo Doble last month.

So right now, I'm running 3 humidors, and here is an approximate listing of their contents from memory:

Box of Flor de Allones
Box of Boardwalk
Box of Saint Luis Rey
Box of La Perla Habana Cobre
Box of A. Fernandez Sumatra
Box of Cupido Criollo Doble
2 Bundles of Gurkha Master Select
Bundle of Joya de Nicaragua Fuerte
Half-bundle of Calle Ocho
Half-bundle of Flor de Baloney
Half-bundle of JR Alt to Rocky Patel Edge
2 La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne
2 Padron Churchill
1 Sancho Panza
Carlos Torano 1916 (single)

This doesn't count the Lost Sticks Cemetary, the top tray of my large humidor. I save the last cigar from each box and put it in this tray for long-term aging, just to see how some sticks will hold up for 3-5 years.


Johnnyv said...

Why are you aging crap? It doesn't get any better if it's crap. In 3-5 years it's all still crap! Stop spending all your money on Scotch and buy a decent cigar. That is the worst list of cigars I've ever seen someone waste time listing! said...

Johnnyv, what cigars would you suggest? Some of these are low-end house brands, sure, but SLR, Gurkha Master Select and LGC are all $7-$10 sticks here in Tennessee.