Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Vegas Miami Toro
Size: 6 x 48
Tobacco: Nicaragua (corojo wrapper)
Price: $5

How did I smoke a full box of these cigars and somehow forget to write a review? I don't know. I aged them two years, then consumed them between March and July of 2011. They all have dark, glossy, oily wrappers. Prelight aroma is dense and pungent.

They follow the famiiliar pattern of Don Pepin cigars: initial blast of pepper, followed consistently by an earthy, full-bodied taste that never varies throughout the rest of the smoke. The 5 Vegas Miami blend is in fact a little pedestrian for Pepin: After that initial assault of flavor right at the beginning, this cigar settles into a medium-full range, rather than becoming a powerhouse like the Cuban Classic or JJ blends.

Postlight aroma is sweet and satisfying. Decent aftertaste, but not overpowering. Would definitely buy another box at the right price.

Postscript 6-9-14: I have been smoking my way through a 10-pack of 5 Vegas Miami Churchills with 1 year, 4 months age on them.  These churchills don't have that initial blast of pepper spice, but otherwise my impressions are very similar to the toro:  earthy, full-bodied with a moderate amount of spice but not much complexity. 

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