Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Sun Grown Habano
Size: 6 x 52
Tobacco: Nicaragua (with an Ecuadorian wrapper)
Price: ?

Shaun B. gave me this cigar a year and a half ago, in 2009, from his last trip to Miami. Of course, El Titan de Bronze was the same cigar shop we visited the night before our summer 2008 Carribbean cruise--and the Redemption line was what we smoked on Saturday night in South Beach before embarkation.

My two-line review of that original cigar (August 2008) was "Spicy and bold, similar in taste and body to a La Flor Dominicana Ligero, but with an even better finish and draw. I still can't believe the world hasn't found out about these cigars."

Well, I decided today was the day to rescue this one from the humidor... to see what a few years of aging had done to it... it was late afternoon, 71 degrees outside. I stayed home from work today, but Trey was feeling well enough to play outside for an hour so I grabbed this cigar, a single malt, and a book (still reading C.S. Lewis).

The cigar had a flawless light brown wrapper, with negligible prelight aroma and taste. But once I fired it up, oh boy! was this was a velvety smooth cigar! Unlike my 2008 experience, this stogie evinced nary a hint of spice or bite, but a rich oaky flavor on the back of the tongue. It tasted remarkably similar to a Don Kiki Brown Label, but without any of the construction problems that plague that cigar. In fact, this cigar ended up burning well over two hours.

I did make a mistake, though. This cigar tricked me into believing age had mellowed it into a medium-body, but after two hours I was feeling it in my gut and head. I was sweating and needed to lie down.

It's been a while since a strong cigar chased me into the house (and this one with an inch left!). If I get my hands on another Redemption, next time I will wait until after I fill my belly before giving it the kiss of flame.

This was a memorable delight, for sure.

& one other notable event: While I smoking and reading, Shaun called me on the phone. He is interviewing for a new position within his company and there is a chance--nothing offical yet--he may be allowed to relocate back to Memphis before the summer is out.

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