Saturday, February 05, 2011

To cold for cigars this weekend, but thought I'd mention I made a couple of very low-rent pick ups this week. Boardwalk from Holts ($30), Flor de Baloney and RP Edge Alternatives from JRCigars ($73).

That's 70 cigars for $1.47 each.

I'm not sure why I did this, as I could have gotten a wheel of 50 SLRs on JRCigar Auctions for the same $100 (and I know I would love them). But sometimes I just get in the mood to smoke some new house brands. Besides, I read on cigar forums that Boardwalk is one of the best sub-$2 smokes on the market. Flor de Baloney are supposedly identical to HdM, and I read somewhere long ago that JR Alts to Edge come from the same factory as the real RP Edge.

I guess I'll age these cigars and make up my own mind next year.

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