Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Edge Maduro by Rocky Patel
Size: 6.0 x 52
Tobacco: ?? (Rocky keeps it a secret!)
Price: $6.00

CigarsDirect sent me two free Rocky Patel Samplers in September 2008. I reviewed the Sun Growns in April 2009, and I'm still sitting on an unfinished review of the Olde World Reserves that should be forthcoming soon (I'm waiting to smoke the last one, hoping the corojos will improve to the level of the maduros). I've already reviewed the Edge Corojos, back in 2007, and these sampler packs confirmed my original impression: it's a great cigar. In my review, I placed them in my Top 5 Non-Cubans list. I don't think they're still that high--a few Pepins and the Omar Ortez Originals have bumped them down to the #7-8 range. But they're still great.

What about the maduros?

I admit I was suspicious. Whenever you run a wet finger down a Rocky Patel maduro cigar, it comes back with a black stain on it. I've read some interviews where Rocky claims he doesn't dye his tobacco. The stains are a natural product of the maduro fermentation process, he claims. I'm skeptical.

But these maduros are still enjoyable... they don't hold a candle to the corojos, not by a long shot. They veer to coffee flavors and any spice is felt only on the first few puffs before fleeting away. However, they burn slow and smooth and strong, with an easy draw. The flavors are mellow and rich and inviting, perfect on a humid, sticky evening with a Joe Lansdale crime novel and a glass of Willet's bourbon on ice.

If I was a fan of maduros, this cigar might make my Top 10, too. But I'll stick with the Corojo for now.

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