Saturday, March 21, 2009

La Invicta Corona
Size: 5.5 x 40
Tobacco: Honduran puro
Price: $1.60

Before last night, I had never heard of this small cigar with a bumpy brown wrapper. Shaun got a good deal on them from Cigar Bid. It is a fairly nondescript stick; it comes in a plain wooden box with just a simple green band. They smoke ok, with a loose draw that benefits the narrow ring gauge. I tasted notes of earth and a light lingering spice on the finish. Pairs well with a bourbon-- but I don't recommend the Four Roses we drank. In a larger ring gauge, La Invicta could compete favorably with other medium-bodied value brands, such 5 Vegas or a Gran Habano #3.

I was surprised to read this review on StogieGuys. Their opinion was similar to mine.

Apparently, this cigar is very popular in the UK. Online British sites sell bundles of these coronas for over $200USD. I know European tastes are different, and they pay more in taxes, but I am wondering this morning: How does an $8 cigar over there, sell for less than $2 over here?

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