Friday, January 09, 2009

State of the Humidor - Jan 2009

2008 was a strange year. I spent most of it waiting... waiting for my house to sell, waiting for new projects at work, waiting to find the outcome of my dad's job situation, waiting for my wife to get pregnant (ok, not really waiting, I was much more of an active participant in the last one). But it ended in a flurry of activity: new house, kid #2 on the way, and suddenly very busy in my career.

I enjoyed a lot of cigars this year and, thanks in large part to CigarsDirect who occasionally sends me free goodies for review, I was able to really upgrade this year. It's time for my annual State of the Humidor address:

Here’s my list of new cigars to try in 2009: 5 Vegas Miami, Don Kiki Brown Label, Tampa Sweetheart #85 (second to Fuente 8-5-8)

In 2008, I smoked an average of cigars 4.17 cigars per week.

Last cigar of 2008: Graycliff Profesionale Presidente
First cigar of 2009: Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979

Best cigar of 2008: God of Fire Carlito 2005 Double Robusto
Worst cigar of 2008: Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo

New cigars I tried in 2008, that I would purchase again in the future: Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion, Gispert, Padron 7000, Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 Maduro, Arturo Fuente Sun Grown (Chateau & King B), Arturo Fuente Hemingway (Short Story, Signature Maduro, & Untold Story Maduro), God of Fire Carlito 2005, Fuente Fuente OpusX, Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Natural, CI Legends by Graycliff (Purple Label), CI Legends by Rocky Patel (Orange Label), CI Legends by Pepin Garcia (Yellow Label), Punch Gran Puro, Vibe Corojo, La Flor Dominicana Ligero, La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, El Mejor Elmerald, Padilla Hybrid, El Titan de Bronze Redemption Sungrown Habano, Bolivar, Flor de A.Allones, La Rosa Especial, Maria Mancini, Omar Ortiz, Gran Habano #1, Gran Habano #3, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro, Omar Ortez Originals, DPG Black Label, Hoyo de Monterrey, 5 Vegas Limitada 2007, Partagas Spanish Rosado

New cigars I tried in 2008, that I would not purchase again: Power by Felipe Gregorio, CI Legends by Cusano (Gray Label), Rocky Patel Original Sun Grown, Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Torpedo, Camacho 1962, Famous Nicaraguan 1000, Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario, Olor del Cibao, Padilla Obsidian, Blue Label, Belinda, MATASA 30TH Anniversary, Leoninos by La Aurora, Cremosa, El Rey del Mundo, Bock y CA, San Cristobal, Rocky Patel Sungrown

I'm running four small (less than 100ct) humidors right now. Here is the complete list of their contents::
• La Herencia Cubana (13 – all sizes)
• Gran Habano #5 Robusto (10)
• Hoyo de Monterrey Governor (10)
• Gran Habano #1 Robusto (9)
• Gran Habano #3 Robusto (8)
• Rocky Patel Edge Torpedo (8)
• Famous Dominican 1000 Double Corona (7)
• Graycliff 1666 PGX (7)
• Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Toro (7)
• Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Toro (6)
• 5 Vegas Limitada 2008 Torpedo (5)
• Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979 (5)
• Gurkha Master Select #4 (5)
• Gurkha Regent Toro (4)
• Vegas de Fonseca Sobrinos (4)
• 5 Vegas Limitada 2007 Torpedo (3)
• Maria Mancini De Gaulle (3)
• 5 Vegas Torpedo (2)
• Carlos Torano 1916 Toro (2)
• Flor de A. Allones Bellicoso (2)
• Fonseca 5-50 (2)
• Fonseca Habana Selección Invictos (2)
• Fonseca Serie F Robusto (2)
• Fonseca Vintage Robusto (2)
• Gispert Churchill (2)
• Leoninos Torpedo (2)
• Perdomo Reserve Cameroon Torpedo (2)
• Arturo Fuente Lonsdale (1)
• Camacho 1962 Churchill (1)
• CAO Gold Maduro Churchill (1)
• Don Diego 10th Anniversary Toro (1)
• Montecristo White Churchill (1)
• Padron 2000 (1)
• Punch Magnum (1)
• Rocky Patel Sungrown Toro (1)
• Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill (1)
• Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cedro Deluxe (1)

Pending reviews: Omar Ortez Originals, Rocky Patel Sungrown, Gran habano #1, 5 Vegas Limitada 2007, Hoyo de Monterrey, RP Olde World Reserve Maduro, Punch Magnum

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