Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maria Mancini De Gaulle
Size: 4.75 x 52
Tobacco: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: $2.10

I won a box of these cigars (named for the famous Italian courtesan who captured the heart of King Louis XIV) from JR Auctions at the ridiculous price of $27. I tried to pace myself, making the box last almost 7 months. The cigars have a sharp box press which makes the ring guage seem smaller than 52/60ths of an inch. It comes with a classic gold band over a dark brown EMS (English Market Selection) wrapper. StogieGuys described it this way: "This cigar [is] the kind you want to keep in a glass-topped humidor where you can show it off."

Maria Mancini wrappers are grown from the Costa Rican H2000 tobacco seed, which is a cross breed of the Cuban Corojo and Cuban-grown Connecticut Shade wrappers. Although reviews for H2000 wrappers are mixed, the wrapper is dry to the touch, with an almost velvet-like quality. The cigar has a slow, hot, even burn.

Every single time I've smoked one of these, someone has commented onthe wonderful sweet-and-spicy aroma. I found the taste to be a littleunderwhelming, though, featuring mostly nutty almond flavors. I think perhaps I could have enjoyed them more, if they hadn't all burned too hot.

Worth another try, but next time in a bigger size. Perhaps the Magic Mountain: 6.0 x 54.

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