Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a few quick thoughts today...

Shaun gave me two cigars recently that receive a thumbs down...

1) Cremosa from Cigars International. An 80-cent cigar that's not worth a plugged nickel. Heck, I'd pay somebody I don't like more than 80-cents to smoke one.

2) El Rey del Mundo. I remarked back in 2005 that I had a few disappointing ERDMs. Despite their popularity I thought they were harsh and not very flavorful. But you never know how your tastes might change over time, so I decided to try one of the cigars Shaun got in a "yellow cello" aged sampler. Nope. The harshness was gone, but the smoke had not improved any.

Still, I've recieved a lot of good cigars from the Brannen humidor during football season this year. Soon I'll post a review of the excellent CI Legends Series by Don Pepin.

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