Monday, May 28, 2007

Don Paulo by Tobacco Factory
Size: about 3.5" by 45
Tobacco: unsure (rolled in Posnan, Poland)
Price: $1 USD (3 Zty)

I recently stayed at the boarding house Milosna in Kwidzyn, Poland for two weeks (work trip - my first time to Eastern Europe). The lounge at the house had a humidor from which they sold a local brand of cigars I've never heard of - Tobacco Factory. The bartender told me he thinks they are Brazilian or Indonesian. Their website is you can read Polish).

Since I'd never had a Polish cigar, I bought a 10-pack of the Don Paulo line, a small figurado cigar that averaged about $1 USD per stick. Unfortunately, I found there is a very good reason that Polish cigars do not have a global customer base.

First, the tobacco appears to be very poorly rolled, particularly the wrapper, so that you can see bumps, nicks, and overlapping leaves all over the cigar. Once lit, the leaves are way too loose, so that draw is not controlled at all.

2nd, the taste of the cigars is somewhat better than a machine-made such as Black and Mild or Swisher Sweet, but hardly the quality of even most seconds or rejects. I've passed out a few to unsuspecting friends (at great risk to my own reputation) and so far no one has managed to even finish one.

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