Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Don Kiki Green Label Limited Reserve
Size: 5 1/2 x 44 (Corona)
Tobacco: Nicaraguan Puro
Price: 3.99

I was browsing through a new B&M today and purchased a Don Kiki Green Label on impulse. The price was highway robbery: This store sold bundles of Don Kiki Green Labels for $32.99, but a single cost 3.99 + tax. I'd never had a Don Kiki and I don't know what attracted me to it, except it had a very nice pre-light aroma (ginger/cinnamon, perhaps?)

I had some construction problems. It canoed on me from the get-go, which in turn gave it a slightly tight draw, but I blame myself more than the cigar; I didn’t take time to light it properly before pulling out into heavy traffic.

Otherwise, I was impressed. It had an excellent mint/ginger/cinnamon aroma. The foretaste (on the tongue) was milder than I expected, but there was the surprising sting of pepper in finish (at the back of the throat). I don’t know much about the Don Kiki line yet, but this one is worth another look.

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