Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade or Broadleaf, Filler: DR
Price: $3.15

Montesino was the flagship line of the Arturo Fuente family after they were driven from Cuba. I picked up a single at a local B&M just to try it out, and because I was out of smaller cigars for mowing the yard.

Location: Mowing the grass at 9:30 am, as the thermometer began to peep over 95 degrees.

Construction: A light golden wrapper (the same wrapper as the AF Breva Royale, I think). A nice even burn, but I had trouble keepting it lit (although I'm apt to be more forgiving since I had to put it down often to pull weeds, uproot bushes, swap tools, etc..)

Taste: Lacking a distinctive or pleasing aroma. But nice lingering finish on the tongue. 9 times out of 10 this cigar would have been too mild for me, but on such a blistering hot morning, this turned out to be the exact strength I wanted. A soft, nutty taste to the tobacco, too.

Final verdict: Probably not something I'll go looking for again, but it was the right cigar at the right time.

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