Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Size: 5.5 x 43
Filler/Wrapper: Nicaragua
Price: $2.15

I picked up this little cigar at a local store, and realized later that I way overpaid. Pre-ship bundle price online comes out to less than $0.75 each. A very nondescript sandwich cigar, with a mild-ish taste, just a hint of spice on the air. A medium draw with no burn issues. The only thing I can really say in its favor is that it had an interesting salty aftertaste (kind of like boiled peanuts?) which reminded me of the Riata, a Honduran sandwich cigar.

I could not find anything at all about the origins of this cigar on the internet. They are distributed in the US by JC Newman Cigar Company, which is also the sole distributor for A. Fuente cigars. This has led to the mistaken impression by some that Quorums are Fuente seconds, but this rumour has been more or less shot down as false. (Fuente does sell a short-filler cigar under the Tampa Sweethearts label).

Romeo y Julieta- Romeo #1 (Deluxe tubo)
Size: 5.6 x 42
Filler/Wrapper: Cuban
Price: $11.60 (US)

I wanted to buy a Cuban Monte #2 while I was in New Zealand, but after I saw the $20+ price tag, I suddenly remembered how much I enjoyed the Romeo #2 a few months ago. I decied to give the #1 a try as well, and save myself the extra $10.

I'll probably always remember this cigar, more because of where I smoked it than the cigar itself: Kaikoura, New Zealand overlooking the shores of the Pacific Ocean while the sun set to my left behind misty snow-covered mountains. It was a picture-perfect setting, but unfortunately the cold blustery winds muted the more subtle nuances of the cigar. I could not detect any of the intense, shifting flavors that I remember from the Romeo #2.

Despite being one-dimensional, this cigar was smooth and rich, with notes of burgundy. The draw was tighter than I like, but I don't know if it was because of the small ring size or the gale-like winds ripping the smoke out from between my lips.

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