Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Padilla Special-Edition Cedro
Size: 7.0 x 48
Price: $4.50

Padilla Cigar Company is a small producer in the Dominican Republic. The 90-rated Miami 8&11 series is probably what they are most known for, although I think that line is now discontinued. The Cedro is not mentioned at all on their websites, so it is probably only available through online discount brokers.

This cigar comes packaged in spanish cedar, and features a Connecticut wrapper. A very smooth, very mild cigar, with an even and loose draw. They are a little [I]too[/I] mild at first, but the flavors start to kick in about half way through the stick, as it begins to progressively burn hotter. If you are patient enough to nub it all the way to the fingers, you will be rewarded with a small punch of flavor at the very end. This was not a world-changer, but a nice relaxing cigar nonetheless.

I recommend it with Glennfiddich Caoran Reserve; the subtle nutty flavors blend well with notes of peat in this single malt scotch.

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