Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mi Cubano Maduro
Filler: Unknown
Size: Corona - exact dimensions unknown
Price: $5 - $8

This cigar was gifted to me by Mister MaDuroo from, along with two Indian Tabac Cameroon Legends. The Mi Cubano was my favorite -- a somewhat harsh cigar, with a moderate draw, slow burn, and a very robust, striking flavor. Even though I hate these sort of snobby food comparisons, I will say this cigar reminded me of slightly burnt pecans and dry burgundy.

I looked up the Mi Cubano brand online, and apparently they were popular during the cigar boom as a premium label. I think they were made by La Aurora, but they are hard to find now. A shame, because I would definitely try them again.

Mister MaDuroo says he bought a box of 25 for $60, but the few online vendors I found selling them were asking at least $5 per stick.

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