Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cusano P1
Size: 6" x 52
Origin: Dominican Republic
MSRP: $2 (single), $20 (bundle)

I really, really wanted a stogie on the way home from work (since I'd be babysitting tonight and wouldn't get any "back porch time"), and I didn't have anything on hand, so I stopped by a brick-and-mortor looking for something cheap (I can't afford another run of $5 cigars) but reputable. I recognized the Cusano name, because they make some popular premiums like Cusano 18 (which is made exclusively of 18-year-old leaf and scored a 91 by Cigar Afficionado) and Corojo 1997 (also scored 91).

Despite the lineage, this cigar was not in that league. It was just another mild-to-medium mixed filler bundle cigar with a too tight draw and sweetish overtones. Yes, it made the ride home in traffic a little more bearable, but that's about all I'll ever remember it for.

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