Saturday, March 05, 2005

JR Cuban Alternative: Montecristo #2
Filler: DR
Length: 6, Ring: 50

The Cuban Montecristo #2 is the measure by which I have evaluated every other cigar since. I have yet to find its equal. I’ve had five of them (two on the deck of a cruise ship in Jamaica).
This JR Alternative is not in the same class, although it is better than the name brand Montecristo from the Dominican Republic that sells for about $12. It is slightly heavy, but it burns slow and cool and even for the better part of 45 minutes. At a little over a buck a cigar, it will sit atop my reorder list at

Filler: Honduras

This is a unique tasting cigar, that I would probably indulge again, if not for the poor construction. Out of the box I split with a friend, I had several that burned unevenly on one side and more that I could not keep lit without constant attention. Many of them burned tight and harsh after they were lit, before finally loosening up. All my friends who tried them had the same complaint.

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